Won’t using 2-phase immersion cooling cost much more?

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No it won’t, 2-phase immersion cooling costs less than anything else. We spend less money on parts, we spend less money on labor for assembly and maintenance, we spend less money on electricity. Systems are 100% reusable, in contrast to other technology such as heatsinks and fans. The infrastructure (power, cooling, room structure, etc) required to run our miners is dramatically reduced, too. A single person can deploy hundreds of boards within hours, instead of days or weeks normally spent on assembly and setup. These are just some of the factors that make it less expensive.

3M fluids and immersion cooling have a reputation of being more expensive. What most people forget is that only little fluid is needed for a lot of heat, and that a tank full with hundreds of boards costs a lot less than dozens of racks with machines with cases and fans or water coolers.

To give you an example, we can cool 4kW (4000W) in a small space of 1 liter volume with only 200cc of fluid. Even heatsinks and fans for hardware with 4000W will cost more than just 200cc of fluid. We challenge manufacturers to build hardware that dense, and we will cool it for a few dollars. And that is just one side of the equation.

To make a long story short, it is less expensive to build and to run. That’s the value proposition of passive 2-phase immersion cooling. We can build denser hardware than anyone else, and that much faster. Better cooling also means better performance.

DataTank Mining will also use different types of fluids and brands of fluids to further reduce costs where possible.

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