What skills does a Site Operator require?


Here is an overview of the optimal skill set of a site operator. Don’t let this list discourage you, if you believe you have what it takes and a facility at favorable location available, why not send us an email with all details that you can provide.

A Site Operator is responsible for the day-to-day operation and security of a single or multi container facility:

  • General experience includes providing day-to-day oversight and management of a facility, acting as the interface between team, local contractors and employees responsible for maintenance and operation of the facility (including electrical systems, mechanical systems, security, and all other aspects of facility operation), and the organizational team responsible for installation and operation of containers. Must demonstrate the ability to work independently or under only general direction.
  • Manages activities concerned with the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment, utilities, structures, grounds, etc. Ensures building integrity and maintenance of electrical, water, and air systems and other real property. Oversees maintenance of facility grounds/landscaping. Supervises numerous subcontracts. May act as Regional Facilities Manager. Manages and hires staff, contractors, and subcontractors.


  • Requires years of related building maintenance and engineering experience. Supervisory/Management experience.
  • Strong Work Ethic – Responsible and Accountable
  • Strong knowledge of electrical distribution systems
  • Strong knowledge of networking and telecommunication systems
  • Deep Knowledge of data center or mine environments
  • Team Player with an outgoing personality and a strong ability to build interpersonal relationships with customers and across organizational lines
  • Excellent analytical, written, verbal communications, and documentation skills
  • Ability to maintain focus under sometimes stressful sales/business negotiations with contractors
  • Experience in a colocation/datacenter setting desirable
  • Certified HVAC and/or Commercial Electrician credentials desirable


What is the partnership with Allied Control

DataTank Mining has an exclusive agreement with Allied Control, which in turn is 3M™ Technology Partner for Novec™ Engineered Fluids. The agreement encompasses to purchase DataTank container mining units at production cost value for internal use at DataTank Mining.

In return for being a guaranteed and returning customer for immersion cooling technology, DataTank Mining also gets exclusive prices for the most efficient mining system on the market for external sales.

As part of the deal, DataTank Mining can also benefit from free access to company resources, including in-house production line for ASIC boards, an experienced team, as well as the buying power of an established business.

Allied Control has the preferential right to purchase DataTank systems and fluid back at fair market value, should DataTank Mining decide to cease operations.

For the avoidance of any doubt, DataTank Mining Limited and Allied Control Limited are separate entities. Allied Control builds immersion cooling systems, DataTank Mining is a mining operation. Income of DataTank Mining will remain in the company, and partners such as Allied Control will only be paid for goods and services rendered.

Allied Control Company Info