Can I buy shares anonymously?

DataTank Mining uses the Bitcoin blockchain to sell shares and pay dividends. No other information is required.

For publicly traded shares, for instance at virtual exchanges or other platforms, the rules may be different.


How are dividends paid?

For users of Exchanges, dividends will automatically appear in the unit holders Exchange Bitcoin wallets.

For holders of units directly purchased from DataTank Mining, we keep record of the payment addresses and transaction IDs to assign units to holders. Dividends are then paid to the payment addresses.

Dividends are paid in BTC, also for holders of units purchased with fiat money.


How to buy units of capacity?

Prior to the availability on Exchanges, units of capacity can be purchased by sending Bitcoins to DataTank Mining’s wallet address directly or via fiat money.

A minimum purchase quantity of 100kW (10,000 units) applies for direct purchases during the pre IPO period. Please contact with the capacity desired for details.

When payments are collected, units are assigned and the payment addresses will be recorded for future dividend payments.