DataTank Infrastructure:

  • $18 total operating cost per kW/month
    (all in, including mining cluster electricity, cooling, full time staff, rent)
  • 10 days or less to pay full infrastructure
    (heatsink miners will probably need longer waiting for FedEx and plugin their fans)
  • 0 days to pay infrastructure on second deployment
  • $0.50-0.65/W full infrastructure cost, including site prep
  • PUE <1.01 (less than 1% for cooling, $173/month or $0.0002/ kWh for 1.2MW)

In addition, availability of free cooling may reduce cost by automatically disabling cooling equipment, eliminate cooling modules, or allow sharing of cooling module with several clusters.

 Reference Case 2PH ASICMiner BE200 Hardware:

  • DataTank Container Unit 1.2MW
  • 2,400 DataTank Immersion Blades (80x AM BE 200/board)
  • 600x PSU, managed networking, servers
  • <$880/T (<$0.82/G) total cluster with deployed DataTank system on-site
  • <$532/T (<$0.54/G) total cluster with power, servers, networking (no DataTank System)
  • <$500/T (<$0.44/G) cluster only without power, servers, networking (no DataTank System)
  • Produced in-house by DataTank Mining
  • Estimated chip price based on today’s data, future price may be lower

Impact of Rapid Deployment on Profit

Being online several difficulty adjustments earlier has an enormous impact on profits. DataTank Mining focuses on getting boards online as fast as possible, instead of spending valuable time and money at hardware engineering, manufacturing, sourcing and assembly of case and cooling solution, or packaging and logistics. Hardware becomes much cheaper and moves online faster.

Impact of Deployment Time on Cumulative Profit

Due to minimized manufacturing time and prefabricated DataTank mining systems with standardized DataTank mining slots, deployment can be carried out in hours, instead of days or weeks. This allows capturing much more mining income in comparison to other deployment methods.

The wash-rinse-repeat effect of DataTank systems on profitability becomes even stronger with additional new deployments of mining hardware, a compelling competitive advantage.

Other Hardware and Currencies

DataTank systems are compatible with any hardware, including with chips from Spondoolies Tech, InnoSilicon, Hashra, HashFast, GridSeed, Cointerra, Butterfly Labs, Bitfury, Alcheminer, Avalon, ASICminer and more. Bitcoin, Scrypt, any other hardware, including GPU, CPU or FPGA mining.

Relationships with some of these manufacturers exist and an effort by different parties is being made to produce a wide range of immersion blades, including Scrypt ASICs.

DataTank Design Guidelines for ASIC board manufacturers can be found here (PDF).

No heatsinks, no fans, no noise, no dust.

Production Capacity

DataTank Mining has the capability to deploy 5-10 DataTank containers per month starting from January 2015. Containers will be produced depending on demand and focus will be operating existing systems at full capacity before new systems are being offered on the market.