The Company

DataTank Mining is a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong. The business is focused on building mining systems at locations with the lowest electricity prices and using the most efficient mining infrastructure available to maximize return on investment.

The company occupies the third floor of an industrial building, where prototypes are being built and hardware is produced in a self-owned production line (SMD, CNC). While finished DataTank systems are being built in the US and Germany, this is where the company’s application engineers have developed most of the technology behind the systems.

The Team at DataTank Mining Building Immersion-2

The Founders

Before DataTank Mining, the founders have invested years in building some of the largest and most efficient Bitcoin mining clusters at Allied Control, and have an exclusive agreement with the company to build and purchase DataTank mining systems at internal costs.

Prior to developing immersion cooled mining clusters, with the Bitcoin still under $5, the team spent private time on FPGA and GPU systems, and worked decades for companies such as Fuji and Nokia, Connecta and Lik Sang.

The team’s recent track record includes building immersion cooled mining clusters, contract manufacturing of tens of thousands of FPGA and ASIC boards in their self-owned production line, designing the world’s first commercial 2-phase immersion cooling system for 3M Novec Engineered fluids, and winning the Best Green ICT Award 2014 for building the world’s most efficient data center.


  • Kar-Wing Lau, 37 years, Chief Operations Officer
  • Jim Setterholm, 37 years, Chief Deployment Officer
  • Alex Kampl, 39 years, Chief Cluster Architect
  • Tony Wong, 45 years Chief of Hardware Production

Some of our previous work: