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Immersion Cooled 500kW Single Rack Mining Platform

Updated DataTank Key Facts Year-End 2014:

  • Greatly improved power and fluid density in post-design stage
  • Doubled per-tank cooling and power capacity in production units
  • Further reduced infrastructure cost by over 50% (excluding DTM 20% fee)
  • New single and dual rack 500kW micro-mine solution (~0.888PH/s brick-and-mortar)
  • Alternative and modular ‘tower’ designs (incl. dry, wet and HX for resale of heat)
  • New experimental powertrain to improve overall efficiencies (HVDC)
  • Confirmed and improved on power-usage-effectiveness (PUE) of <1.01
  • Beginning of 2015 outlook (chip on hand): >5PH/1.4MW DataTank container
  • Year-end 2015 outlook (pending new ASIC node-sizes): >10PH/1.4MW container
  • Long-term DataTank outlook: Increase to 3MW per DataTank container by HW upgrade

Expect an overhaul in 2015 and real-life presentation of physical  DataTank mining systems (think containers, farms, greenhouses).DataTank240kW-noMBDataTank-fillingDataTank_UnveilingDataTank-3M_Novec
See here for further tech details. Let’s see who gets to 500kW per rack first: Supercomputer builders or Bitcoin miners.

The original DataTank Mining Operations  ‘prospectus’ was also replaced with a shorter Introduction to DataTank Mining document in the meantime (the original is kept here for historical reasons).

 Trivia: DataTank Mining was originally conceived under the name of Endgame Mining.